Annual review of civil litigation 2016

Main Author: Archibald, Todd L
Other Authors: Echlin, Randall Scott
Format: Book
Published: Carswell Thomson Reuters, 2016
  • The Closing Address: The Opening Chapter in Trial Preparation: The Art and Science of Persuasion - Chapter VI - Justice Todd Archibald and Eric Brousseau
  • Economic Duress After Bhasin v. Hrynew: Does the Organizing Principle of Good Faith Offer a New Framework? - Brandon Kain and Justin H. Nasseri
  • Cross-Cutting Conflicts: Developments in the Use of Norwich Orders in Internet Defamation Cases - Robert J. Currie
  • Dealing with Digital Property in Civil Litigation - Jeremy de Beer and Tracey Doyle
  • Breaking the Expert Evidence Logjam: Experts Weigh In - Ruth M. Corbin
  • Time to Reconsider: The Future Crimes Exception to Solicitor-Client Privilege - Mandy Chernos and Andrea Gray
  • Shifting Blame? Repressing the Tort of Inducing Breach of Contract Following A.I. Enterprises v. Bram - Brooke MacKenzie
  • "Old Ways Won't Open New Doors" Approaching Interventions from an Access to Justice Point of View - Daniel Urbas
  • Frustration of Contract in the Employment Law Context - Frank Cesario, Elisha Jamieson-Davis and Dianne Jozefacki
  • The New Face of Defamation - Daniel W. Burnett
  • From Boardroom to Courtroom - A Principled Approach to Damages for the Breach of the Duty of Honest Contractual Performance - P. Tamara Sugunasiri and Maria Vujnovic
  • Competition Act Class Actions - Copycat Litigation, Economic Incentives and the Question of Reform - Colin Feasby and Adam LaRoche
  • Litigation and the Aging Workforce: Have We Gone Too Far - Karen Sargeant, Marc Rodrigue and Eowynne Noble
  • Appellate Review of Commercial Arbitration Awards - Should Appellate Review Override Party Autonomy - John Hunter
  • All in the Family - Using the Oppression Remedy to Resolve Family Business Disputes - Nina Perfetto and Bonnie Fish
  • Liability to Non-Clients: Are Lawyers Protected when Acting on Client Instructions - Sandra L. Secord and Tanisha Tulloch
  • Mining Efficiencies From in Between the Rules - Jessica Kimmel, Laura R. Hall and Jesse-Ross Cohen
  • Misfeasance in Public Office: The New Tort of Choice Against Public Officials? - Anita M. Varjacic and Andrew Yolles